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Since its launch in 2004, Proneos has successfully completed a set of high-calibre projects for leading organizations throughout Europe, achieving a series of outstanding results. Various project examples in five industries are portrayed:
Telecommunications: For a large Central-European mobile operator, we developed a comprehensive UMTS strategy, and supported its timely implementation with the required analyses and expertise on specific business- and technology-related aspects. We supported a successful market entry, as documented by broad media coverage and growing subscriber awareness.
Life Science: For a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, we provided a drug indication portfolio analysis for a single lead substance, assisted by a software-based diagnostic tool (Proneos Portfolio Monitor). Thereby, all necessary investment decisions for development and approval could be reached within one month after our assignment. Furthermore, we developed a concept for a public-private-partnerships to cut costs and to mitigate risks of domestic clinical research.
Energy & Utilities: For a large energy & utility corporation, we designed and implemented concepts and instruments to manage new core competencies in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and in the construction of fossil power plants, with significant contributions to project and operative business performance.
Public Services: For the European Commission, we are currently conducting an international benchmarking study on private sector involvement in public sector research decision making. The results have stimulated much awareness so far, and promise to trigger new research policy decisions in the EU member states. Furthermore, they provide companies with important insights and approaches on how to best represent their interest vis-à-vis national and European policy makers.
High-technology: For a high-technology company facing increasing market dynamics and aggressive competition, we launched a comprehensive innovation initiative. It consisted of an initial innovation audit, succeeded by targeted innovation pilots and a comprehensive innovation campaign. This campaign has become a key driver for a new, innovation-oriented corporate culture, stimulating a variety of "second generation" innovation projects.
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