What do we offer?
Proneos offers leading-edge innovation management solutions. These solutions target specific challenges encountered in today's rapidly evolving and increasingly complex and unpredictable business environments and political arenas. We customize solutions to the specific challenges in close cooperation with our clients, thereby achieving tangible and resilient success for their organizations.
Many of our solutions comprise senior advisory services. These are based on validated methodologies and delivered by seasoned innovation experts with many years of industry and consulting experience. Innovation experts may be complemented by industry experts, if needed.
Our advisory services can be roughly defined in three categories:
Innovation Strategy Development – this may include market, competitor and/or portfolio analyses, technology assessment, scenario development, portfolio optimization and strategic risk management
Innovation Performance Improvement - this may comprise innovation process design and improvement, organizational set-up, project management, knowledge management, quality management, resilience and risk monitoring
Innovation Policy Advisory - this may comprise international policy assessment and benchmarking studies, national and regional innovation policy development, as well as priority setting and impact assessment of non-profit innovation programs
Besides solid practice experience, targeted, sustainable and competitive innovation management may also require innovative approaches! Committed to excellence in innovation management, we combine advisory service with innovative yet validated, proprietary tools to achieve effective and efficient delivery formats for the aspired client solutions.
Proneos owns and offers three types of toolkits:
Innovation Diagnostic Tools - providing critical insight on an organization's current "state of health", on its strengths and weaknesses, and on potential benefits and targets of an innovation management engagement prior to its initiation
Strategic Alignment Toolkit - supporting a structured, targeted and interactive strategy discussion of a cross-functional client team, particularly suitable to complex and uncertain business environments, leading to a strategic alignment of decision makers
Scalable Enterprise Solutions - consisting of fully automated and widely accessible innovation scorecards, cockpits or entire portals supporting the tangible success and sustainability of corporate innovation initiatives
We typically combine advisory services and tools to deliver innovation management solutions more effectively and efficiently in our day-to-day project work. Yet, some of our tools may be applied by our clients on a stand-alone basis, or with limited in-house training and support. Thereby, Proneos ranks at the forefront of innovation empowerment solutions, comprising tools, training and coaching.
Our offering reflects the lessons of our day-to-day business: Excellence in innovation management requires commitment to innovation.
Please visit the Partner Lounge to view a more detailed description of our services, solutions and approaches. (Access to the Partner Lounge is restricted. Please contact us to receive a password.)
For further information on our advisory offerings, you may contact advisoryproneos.com. You may contact softwareproneos.com to obtain information on our innovation toolkits, in particular on our innovation empowerment solutions.