We empower innovators!
Innovators are winners. They surprise entire industries with novel, breathtaking offerings. They preempt competition by exploring new markets. They outsmart competition by anticipating or triggering market demand. They outpace competition by rapid development of products and services to meet this demand. And they act wisely when introducing and marketing their novel offerings.
But being an innovator has its price: Leaving traditional and well-known grounds at the right time requires both a pioneering mindset and superior efficiency. Intentional and successful innovation needs to tackle some of the following questions:
How to create real new value for customers?
How to speed up transfer of this value from its idea stage to the marketplace?
How to position and differentiate this value in the marketplace?
How to use available resources and intellectual capital most beneficially?
Proneos' mission is to help innovators obtain and retain the required knowledge, skills and pace. Our approach integrates important elements of successful innovation. We help…
to identify winning ideas and to convert them to successful innovations
to understand new technologies, markets and business models
to get the most out of available resources and intellectual capital
to develop comprehensive, institutional innovation solution
to make these solutions a day-to-day reality at working level
To "help" does not mean to "lecture", to "dominate" or to "own" the innovation process. We empower innovators - in the corporate world and in the public sector - by providing discrete solutions consisting of targeted advisory services, advanced toolkits, or a combination of both.
Unlike other consultancies, we do not pretend to be 'experts in everything'. Proneos is focused on innovation management, and on related disciplines such as knowledge and risk management. Innovation is far more than just a word for us - it is our passion, our core area of expertise and the space where we create value for our clients!