Who are we?

Proneos is one of Europe’s premier providers of innovation-related advisory services and tools. Founded in 2004 by partners with up to 20 years of industry and consulting experience ranging from original R&D to strategic planning to policy advisory, Proneos has seized a strong market position and gained exposure through demonstrated excellence in a series of landmark projects.


Current focus industries include telecommunications, life science, energy and utilities, high-tech as well as public services. Proneos’ key contributions to leading organizations in these fields are:

critical insights regarding new or changing markets, competitors, customer needs, stakeholder expectations and technological capabilities
tangible business success through novel products, services, processes, business models and partnerships
validated toolkits enabling, supporting or complementing select aspects of the innovation management value chain, often promoting our clients’ independence from ongoing external support
Headquartered near Frankfurt, Germany, the company has offices and affiliates in Zurich, Prague, Brussels and Bologna, and holds a network of international partner organizations ensuring access to top-notch industry knowledge, regional market intelligence and high-quality delivery capabilities world-wide.
Our corporate philosophy, competitive offerings, international team and personal histories underline our motto: "we are competent and committed partners for innovators".